Saskatchewan Trophy Whitetail  Deer & Black Bear Hunting

Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunts

At Bone Quest Outfitters, our area spans over 100,000 acres of prime whitetail deer habitat on the Saskatchewan forest/ farmland fringe located north of White Fox, Saskatchewan. We are proudly home to some of the worlds finest free range trophy whitetail hunting. 

Our Saskatchewan trophy whitetail hunts are done over active bait sites. Most of which are done out of box blinds and pop up blinds. Weather permitting treestands may be used in the earlier season. Saskatchewan whitetails are not typically nocturnal and can show up at any minute of anyday. Therefore our hunters are taken to their blinds before legal light and if no animal is harvested that day their guide will pick them up at the end of legal light. It is not uncommon to see multiple bucks daily from your blind.

In order to ensure your best chance at success our guide team is constantly baiting multiple sites as well as checking thousands of trail camera pictures daily. In combination with that, we believe in proper game management. In our commitement to offering our customers exceptional hunting year after year we will give a $1000.00 credit towards your next hunt with us if you do not pull the trigger. We appreciate letting the young guys go and promote the harvest of mature whitetails. We are commited to providing each one of our hunters the best possible opportunity at harvesting a trophy Saskatchewan whitetail. 

In combination with incredible hunting our team will also ensure a very comfotable and enjoyable experience. Chef Georgie will provide an array of incredible meals, be it a delicious hot breakfast, custom built deluxe blind sandwich, or a supper which we can confidently say will be second to none in any Saskatchewan whitetail camps. 

Our clients turn into friends and we make it our mission to earn and deserve the business in which we greatly appreciate.

Included in Your Hunt

  • Lodging
  • All Meals
  • Guiding
  • Trophy Preparation
  • Transportation to the blind and back
  • Propane blind heaters 

Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunts

Our forest/ farmland location is home to a very healthy black bear population. Whether it be a spring or fall hunt the chance of a trophy Canadian black bear exists at any moment during your hunt. A high percentage of color phase also exists in this region. In combination with extremely low hunting pressure these bears are able to grow old and become the monsters we strive to harvest. 

In the spring season these bears come out of their dens and their digestive systems begin to activate. Multiple bears are on the baits and it becomes a pecking order of dominance over the barrels full of premium goodies. It's over these active baits that we will have our treestands situated during the spring black bear hunts. All sites are monitored with trail camera's allowing us to build a pattern on the bears and giving each one of our clients the best possible chance to harvest a monster Saskatchewan black bear. 

In the fall season our black bear hunting style can change depending on what our scouting routine provides. Just like the spring we have several active baits running but in combination with that, being on the farmland fringe provides another oportunity of hunting over the ample oat fields. These baits and fields are crawling with black bears of all sizes and color's at times. 

A typical day in Spring black bear camp is waking up to a continental style breakfast. After that your morning can be spent fishing, shooting our archery course, or lounging in our comfortable lodging. Mid afternoon our chef will have a delicious large meal prepared. After your food has settled we will head for the stands. Your guide will get you situated comfortably over a very active bait to hunt the evening through. It is not uncommon to see several different black bears during your evening on the stand. If nothing is harvested that night your guide will be into your stand to pick you up at dark using one of our various ATV's. We will then transport you back to camp by pickup where a large meal will be awaiting your arrival.  Any bears that were harvested that evening will be skinned by the guide team and prepared that night for the taxidermist of the hunters choice. 

A typical day in fall black bear camp has you waking up to a hot breakfast. This is followed by heading to the stand either on the field edge or over a active bait before sun up. After the morning hunt you will be brought back to camp where a hot lunch will be awaiting. At this point a nice nap can be enjoyed before you hit the woods again for your evening hunt. At dark you'll be transported back to camp where another hot meal awaits you. 

Our location is close to the Saskatchewan River and Tobin Lake. This fishery is world renowned for both trophy pike and trophy walleye fishing. We include one day of fully guided fishing with your black bear hunt. The possibility of not only harvesting a monster Saskatchewan black bear exists but also catching a trophy walleye or trophy pike on your Canadian adventure with us. Boat rentals and additional days of guided fishing are also available for reasonable rates. 

Included In Your Hunt

  • Lodging
  • All Meals
  • Guiding
  • Trophy Preparation (skinned and frozen for safe transportation home or to a taxidermist we recommend)
  • 1 day of fully guided fishing on Tobin Lake (We set you up with gear and a very reputable guide on Tobin Lake)
  • Transportation to the stand and back


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