Hunting in Canada FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find answers to questions that are commonly asked of us by hunters wanting to hunt whitetail deer and black bears in Canada

Where do I fly to?

You fly into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From here the Bone Quest Outfitters hunting camp is a 3 hour drive.

How do I get my gun across the border?

If you are taking hunting guns to Canada, be CERTAIN that you fill out the US Customs form 4457 with description of gun (cameras, Etc.) & serial numbers and present to US guys before leaving US (so they will have record that you took them out & didn't purchase in Canada). Also have a Canadian Firearms Declaration all filled out when entering Canada to save time & this will serve as your gun license while hunting & to buy ammo if needed. Present these forms to Customs when returning & it will be a breeze

Can I bring ammunition across the border?

Yes and we recommend 2 boxes stored separately from your firearm.

Do you offer transportation from the airport to camp?

We do offer airport transportation at an extra cost of;

  • 1 Hunter $600.00
  • 2-3 Hunters $1000.00
  • 4-6 Hunters $2000.00

*We recommend you rent a vehicle and drive to camp. This gives you the freedom to go fishing or sight seeing once your tag is filled.

What about Camo?

No color’s are required if you are hunting with arrchery, muzzleloader or shotgun. If a rifle is being used or carried a red, orange or white vest must be worn as well as a red or orange hat.

What about Color’s?

If a rifle is being used or carried a red, orange or white vest must be worn as well as a red or orange hat. No color’s are required if you are hunting with a bow, muzzleloader or shotgun.

Is Archery an option?

Yes archery is an option. We require to know well in advance if you are going to bow hunt in order to insure we have the proper set up for you.

*If an animal is wounded and not recovered an additional $1000.00 will be charged in order to continue hunting (same applies to rifle hunters)

How cold will it be?

The temperature varies, but it can be south of the -20 degrees Fahrenheit mark in November. It is very important to have warm footwear and clothing.

How far are the shots?

On our whitetail stands shots vary from 50 yards to the 110 yards. Being close allows you to accurately judge the deer. Bear stands vary from 15 yards to 50 yards. All Bow hunters shots will be under 30 yards for both whitetail deer as well as black bears.

Do you have heaters?

We do offer buddy heaters and propane included in your trip.

What kind of stands and blinds do you use?

We have a variety of ladder stands as well as hang on’s, these are used for the bear season as well as early whitetail season. Our blinds are a variety of pop-up blinds as well as some wooden box blinds depending on the location.

How many hours will I be hunting?

Typically in bear season we will have you in your stand at 4:00 pm and pick you up at dark, roughly 9:00pm.

Whitetail hunts are sun up to sun down, so depending on which week you come, you can expect to spend 9-10 hours in the blind.

What happens to my trophy?

We will cape your animal as well as prepare the skull for a problem-less, worry-free trip over the border. All capes and hides will be frozen and put in a complementary rubbermaid tote for travel.

If you want to take your meat, the processing is up to you but we will provide a facility for you to do so. *Most people that fly leave their meat behind in which case, we ensure it goes to use.*

What calibre of gun should I use?

The most common calibers are 300 and 7mm. Our deer have large bodies so it is nice to have the knock down power.

How do I communicate with my Guide when my animal is down?

For the case of an animal down as well as in case of emergency you will be given a sattelite communication device. This device will communicate with our guide teams cell phones and will ensure both safety as well as a timely pickup.

How many hunters in camp?

Maximum 6 hunters per week, unless it is all one group in which we can accomodate 8 hunters.

How many hunters per guide?

It is 2 hunters per guide. Your guide will transport you and another hunter to an area where a four wheeler will then be used to get you to and from your stands.

What do I have to do to get a license?

Saskatchewan deer and bear licenses are available over the counter and can be purchased online before your trip or on the drive up to camp at one of several vendors.

Is there fishing available?

Yes, our camp is located 5 minutes away from the Torch River.  This river is home to pleantiful amounts of walleyes and brook trout which can easily be accessed from the shoreline. In combination with the Torch River we are also a short drive from Tobin Lake. Here you can expect a chance at trophy sized pike and walleye. We include one day of fully guided fishing with your spring bear hunt. Additional boat rentals and guided days are available at reasonable rates.

What is a normal gratuity?

Tips are greatly appreciated by our staff. Our guides, cook, and cleaning staff work hard to make your hunt a trip of a lifetime. Most clients use 10-15% of the hunt cost for the guide, while giving the cook $150.00 per hunter.

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