Meet the Bone Quest Outfitters Team

Every one of our team is here because we all enjoy what we do. In hunting season there is no such thing as a day off. Our team is extrememly dedicated to provide an unmatched Saskatchewan hunting experience. We not only look forward to sharing your hunting experience but also devoloping friendships with all of our guests. All of which we eagerly await to see season after season. 

Greg Hamm 'Hammer' - Owner / Guide

I am a Journeyman electrician by trade but it was a dream and a passion that has allowed me to put the tool pouch by the wayside and live out 20 years of experience in Saskatchewan’s guiding and outfitting industry. My summer off season is spent as a guiding fisherman at Scott Lake Lodge, while the winter months are spent trapping, ice fishing, shed hunting, and of course, playing a little hockey.

Greg Hamm

Jackie Tourand ‘Jacko’ - Guide

Jacko grew up in the outfitting business. Her family previously owned Kevin Tourand Outfitting which is now Bone Quest Outfitters. Her father, Kevin, shared a passion with Jacko for not only the hunt, but every aspect of the outdoors. Jacko, not afraid to get her hands dirty, spends her winter months trapping her trapline, catching everything from wolves and coyotes to fishers and otters. Jacko is a high energy hunting guide with vast knowledge of the area.

Jackie Tourand

Paul Hamilton ‘Pauliewood’- Guide

With 20 plus years in the outfitting industry, Paulie has seen and been involved with several giant whitetails, black bears, moose, and caribou harvests. An avid hunter himself, he will be sure to have you set up right. Pauls time and experience in the industry has taken him from Alaska and the Arctic circle to Southern Manitoba. With his home base being White Fox, Saskatchewan, he has the local lay of the land.

Paul Hamilton with Client Clint Lohman

Adam George ‘Georgie’- Chef Extraodinaire

Adam grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Being an avid angler and hunter for most of his life. Somewhere along the way Georgie developed a passion for cooking. This passion has gained him the reputation as one of the finest culinary experts to find his way to any Saskatchewan hunting camp. An expert behind the smoker, Georgie will ensure you don’t lose any weight on your Bone Quest Outfitters hunting camp experience.

Adam George



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