Whitetail Deer Hunts in Saskatchewan


Our Saskatchewan whitetail deer hunt is done over active baited stands monitored with trail cameras. Our guide team will have you in the blind before legal light. The scouting will determine which stand you are hunting as to what our team figures your best odds are at harvesting a mature trophy Saskatchewan whitetail deer.

Our team will have been working tirelessly keeping stands baited and monitoring trail camera’s throughout the months prior to your hunt. In combination to that we are always looking for more deer sign throughout our area. When something promising is found a new stand is setup and monitored in combination to the several key travel corridors we monitor year after year. At points in our season we will have 50 stands on the go and thousands of pictures to go through daily. The scouting does not stop after the season is over. We continue in the woods looking for next years new stands where there could be a big old whitetail hiding.

We practice proper game management by encouraging the harvest of mature whitetails letting our up and comers grow to their potential for the coming seasons ahead. We have a strong deer population and with this philosophy in combination with an area boasting incredible genetics we are able to produce for our customers year after year.

Packing For Your Hunt

Being prepared and having the right gear to keep you comfortable in the woods when sitting sun up to sun down is very important. Here is what we recommend our hunters bring to ensure they are comfortable and therefore ready when the opportunity at a trophy Saskatchewan whitetail presents itself.