Our team is dedicated to providing not only the best whitetail deer hunting, or the best black bear hunting, but the best experience at any Canadian hunting lodge. Each member of our team has an extremely hard work ethic contributing to the success our clients have in the field year after year, and the enjoyment they have at camp making the overall experience one not to be forgotten.

It is our mission to earn your business and have repeat customers return year after year. You may show up as a customer but you will be leaving as a friend.

Our Team

Greg "Hammer" Hamm

Greg "Hammer" Hamm


Greg has been involved in the outfitting industry for the past 20 years. Starting young at the age of 15 as a dishwasher at Scott Lake Lodge and then progressing into a guiding position. He has always had a passion for hunting and fishing as well as guiding and sharing the experiences with others. When the opportunity to purchase his own outfitting company came available in some of the best hunting in the world, Greg jumped on the opportunity. He moved to the camp and lives full time on the edge of the wilderness enjoying spending time in nature. In the off season trapping, ice fishing, and of course feeding whitetails occupy most of his time. He truly cares of the conservation and sustainability of running a successful trophy hunting experience in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jackie “Jacko” Tourand


Jackie is truly one of a kind, she grew up in our hunting area and in fact was the daughter of the late Kevin Tourand. Kevin operated Kevin Tourand Outfitting for 25 years and was in the same area and license we operate Bone Quest Outfitters under. So you can say she grew up an outfitter and had many experiences she shared with her extremely knowledgable father. In combination with her knowledge she is also an extremely ambitious and a hardworking person. She goes the extra mile for our customers time and time again. Jackie spends her off season running a trapline in the northern forest of Saskatchewan, in combination with that she's also feeding whitetails, ice fishing and pursuing a license in Massage Therapy. Jackie is a surgeon with a knife and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. An extremely skillful skinner, and caper she receives top dollar for all of her furs.

Jackie “Jacko” Tourand
Paul "Pauliwood" Hamilton

Paul "Pauliwood" Hamilton


Paul has spent the better part of his life (Some 24 years) guiding hunters and anglers in Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territory’s. When not guiding for Bone Quest Outfitters Paul is guiding anglers for Scott Lake Lodge. He has many bush experiences to share and his skills shine through. You can ask him of his tracking job on a wounded whitetail which went deep into the wilderness and carried on for two days before he caught up to our clients animal. Other experiences include time spent camping in the -50 F temperatures of the Arctic circle researching arctic char. He retired from the Arctic Char job which had him snowmobiling across mile deep oceans and has now lived in White Fox, Saskatchewan for the past 15 years. He has a deep knowledge of our area and brings a great personality as well as much experience to our team.

Adam "Georgie" George


Adam grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has always had a passion angling, hunting and of course cooking. His passion for cooking has him pumping out the finest of meals at any Saskatchewan hunting lodge. He's an expert in all culinary skills but we feel we have to make special mention his skills on the camp chef smoker. Adam spends countless hours prepping his amazing meals which add to the full Bone Quest experience. Away from Bone Quest Outfitters Adam spends his time guiding anglers at Cree River Lodge. It is here Adam has spent his last 10 summers guiding anglers to unforgettable experiences. His passion for angling shines through day in and day out, as does his culinary skills on the rock where he also enjoys treating his customers and friends to unbelievable shore lunches of freshly caught fish. Georgie personality and passion for the industry and experience will ensure your time at camp is not only an enjoyable experience but one you wont soon forget.

Adam "Georgie" George


We strive to provide the best hunting in combination with an unmatched experience for all of our hunters. We want to earn your business and have our friends return time and time again. You may show up a customer but you will leave a friend. Most of our customers are repeat customers who know our program and have experienced it year after year. If you would like to get in touch with them we would be happy to provide you a reference to do so.



“Greg and his team took care of everything from the meals and lodging to making sure our rifles were still sighted in after the flight. They showed us the trail camera photos of the bears in the areas we would be hunting. Every detail was covered.”



“I have been hunting Saskatchewan for around 18 years and I always look forward to coming back to White Fox. I have taken great deer and bear during my trips, with bow and rifle. I have enjoyed my relationship with Greg Hamm at Bone Quest outfitters. He takes great care to ensure his hunters have everything they need to ensure the hunt will be comfortable and memorable.”



“Every aspect of our Saskatchewan bear hunt was terrific! Greg and his team at Bone Quest Outfitters excel in scouting before you arrive and put us on the bears! Also, the lodging, meals and camaraderie makes you feel welcomed and right at home….. we’ll be back!”