Whitetail Deer Hunt Package

2024 Whitetail Hunt Package

$5000 USD

  • Six days of hunting
  • One guide for every two hunters
  • All-inclusive accommodations in camp
  • Private bedroom with easy access bathrooms
  • Buddy heaters and propane for the hunt
Does not include:
  • Tag $330.00
  • Tax $550.00
  • Non Harvest Credit (Sometimes when looking for giant whitetails the monster does not present itself. In this case when the trigger is not pulled we will give you a $1000.00 credit towards your next years hunt with us. Our appreciation for not harvesting an animal that you are not thrilled with.) Let them go let them grow!!
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The best odds at harvesting a mature whitetail deer trophy

Our team of expert guides constantly monitor our baited stands with trail cameras to scout the most active locations prior to your hunt. Once our team determines the stand you’ll be hunting, they’ll get you to the blind before legal light.

We prioritize proper game management, which includes maximizing your chances of harvesting a mature trophy Saskatchewan whitetail deer while ensuring up-and-comers are given the potential to grow for the coming seasons. Thanks to this philosophy, and our strong deer populations,
we are able to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers year after year.

Continuous scouting year after year

Our team works tirelessly throughout the year to keep stands baited and to monitor them via trail cameras to ensure a fruitful hunt. We are also always on the lookout for more deer signs in the area, and monitor promising discoveries and
several key travel corridors extensively to ensure our guests the best possible odds of harvesting the trophy of their dreams.

At points in our season, we will have 50 stands on the go and thousands of pictures to go through daily. The scouting does not stop after the season is over. We continue in the woods
looking for next year’s new stands where there could be a big old whitetail hiding.

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“Greg and his team took care of everything from the meals and lodging to making sure our rifles were still sighted in after the flight. They showed us the trail camera photos of the bears in the areas we would be hunting. Every detail was covered.”



“I have been hunting Saskatchewan for around 18 years and I always look forward to coming back to White Fox. I have taken great deer and bear during my trips, with bow and rifle. I have enjoyed my relationship with Greg Hamm at Bone Quest outfitters. He takes great care to ensure his hunters have everything they need to ensure the hunt will be comfortable and memorable.”



“Every aspect of our Saskatchewan bear hunt was terrific! Greg and his team at Bone Quest Outfitters excel in scouting before you arrive and put us on the bears! Also, the lodging, meals and camaraderie makes you feel welcomed and right at home….. we’ll be back!”



A Typical Day In The Camp

Morning to Early Afternoon

Wake up to the smell of hot coffee and a tasty breakfast prepared by Chef Adam. Once you’re ready to roll, he’ll send you on your way with a custom-packed lunch, ready for your day in the blind.

Mid Afternoon

We will head for the woods for an exciting day of free-range whitetail hunting on the edge of the boreal forest. Our guests are chauffeured to the blind before midday when activity here picks up considerably.

Evening to Late Night

After the hunt, you’ll arrive back at camp to a feast fit for a king. Now is the time to share laughs and stories with your travel companions, and the team, as we prepare for the following day.


Our modes of transportation vary based on the location of the most active stands. UTV, ATV and/or argo’s are used to access our various stand locations.


You will be given a communication device allowing you to contact our guide team in the event of a deer down, or in the event of an emergency.


Our spacious accommodations, located on the edge of the endless wilderness, offer each hunter their own bedroom with easy access to the bathrooms. In addition to the privacy of your own bedroom, we have a large common lounging, dining and television room. You’ll be treated to delicious hot meals, created by Chef Adam, before and after each day's hunt.

Packing For Your Hunt

Being prepared and having the right gear to keep you comfortable in the woods when sitting sun up to sun down is very important. Here is what we recommend our hunters bring to ensure they are comfortable and therefore ready when the opportunity at a trophy Saskatchewan whitetail presents itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips are greatly appreciated by our staff. Ultimately it is up to you to tip on the service you feel you were provided.

A general guideline is use 10-15% of the hunt cost for the guide, while giving the chef $150.00 per hunter.

Saskatchewan deer and bear licenses are available over the counter and can be purchased online before your trip or on the drive up to camp at one of several vendors.

It is 2 hunters per guide. Your guide will transport you and another hunter to an area where a four wheeler will then be used to get you to and from your stands.

Maximum 6 hunters per week, unless it is all one group in which we can accommodate 8 hunters.

For the case of an animal down as well as in case of emergency you will be given a satellite communication device. This device will communicate with our guide teams cell phones and will ensure both safety as well as a timely pickup.

The most common calibers are 300 and 7mm. Our deer have large bodies so it is nice to have the knock down power.

We will cape your animal as well as prepare the skull for a problem-less, worry-free trip over the border. All capes and hides will be frozen and put in a complementary rubbermaid tote for travel.

If you want to take your meat, the processing is up to you but we will provide a facility for you to do so. *Most people that fly leave their meat behind in which case, we ensure it goes to use.*

Typically in bear season we will have you in your stand at 4:00 pm and pick you up at dark, roughly 9:00pm.

Whitetail hunts are sun up to sun down, so depending on which week you come, you can expect to spend 9-10 hours in the blind.

We have a variety of ladder stands as well as hang on’s, these are used for the bear season as well as early whitetail season. Our blinds are a variety of pop-up blinds as well as some wooden box blinds depending on the location.

We do offer buddy heaters and propane included in your trip.

On our whitetail stands shots vary from 50 yards to the 110 yards. Being close allows you to accurately judge the deer. Bear stands vary from 15 yards to 50 yards. All Bow hunters shots will be under 30 yards for both whitetail deer as well as black bears.

The temperature varies, but it can be south of the -20 degrees Fahrenheit mark in November. It is very important to have warm footwear and clothing.

Yes archery is an option. We require to know well in advance if you are going to bow hunt in order to insure we have the proper set up for you.

*If an animal is wounded and not recovered an additional $1000.00 will be charged in order to continue hunting (same applies to rifle hunters)

If a rifle is being used or carried a red, orange or white vest must be worn as well as a red or orange hat. No colors are required if you are hunting with a bow, muzzleloader or shotgun.

No color’s are required if you are hunting with archery, muzzleloader or shotgun. If a rifle is being used or carried a red, orange or white vest must be worn as well as a red or orange hat.

We do offer airport transportation at an extra cost of;

  • 1 Hunter $600.00
  • 2-3 Hunters $1000.00
  • 4-6 Hunters $2000.00

*We recommend you rent a vehicle and drive to camp. This gives you the freedom to go fishing or sight seeing once your tag is filled.

Yes and we recommend 2 boxes stored separately from your firearm.

If you are taking hunting guns to Canada, be CERTAIN that you fill out the US Customs form 4457 with description of gun (cameras, Etc.) & serial numbers and present to US guys before leaving US (so they will have record that you took them out & didn’t purchase in Canada). Also have a Canadian Firearms Declaration all filled out when entering Canada to save time & this will serve as your gun license while hunting & to buy ammo if needed. Present these forms to Customs when returning & it will be a breeze

You fly into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From here the Bone Quest Outfitters hunting camp is a 3 hour drive.